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Dr. Steven Bailey is known for his attention to detail and flawless execution of the craft of plastic surgery.  Dr. Bailey and his staff welcome patients to their luxurious boutique location in Woodstock.  Dr Bailey is will known for his quiet confidence and warm engaging bedside manner that is unique in his industry.  This same touch of southern hospitality is reflected in his staff. 

  • Dr. Steven Bailey, an award-winning plastic surgeon, has launched Bailey Cosmetic, a medspa that offers the latest cutting edge cosmetic treatments.

  • Bailey Cosmetic visitors can expect to see plastic surgery level results from non-invasive cosmetic procedures with less downtime and lower costs than traditional plastic surgery.

  • While there is only one location currently, Dr. Bailey has plans to expand to locations throughout the country in the future.

Atlanta, Georgia


Dr. Steven Bailey is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon who has won awards for his work in cosmetic procedures. Now, he is expanding his services to reach more clients, as he has opened Bailey Cosmetic. 

Bailey Cosmetic is a cutting-edge medspa that offers plastic surgery level results for minimally invasive procedures. Clients will see a high-quality outcome with less downtime and lower costs than traditional cosmetic procedures. 

Most medspas are not run by plastic surgeons, meaning they cannot offer the same level of quality as Bailey Cosmetic. With Dr. Bailey’s expertise, his medspa can provide an elevated degree of service and experience to his clients.

The first Bailey Cosmetic location is in Kennesaw, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Within the first year of its operation, Dr. Bailey plans to make the original site profitable and prove his concept to scale. Within three years, he hopes to have at least twenty-five locations throughout the southeast region of the United States, with plans to extend into other states farther down the road.

Dr. Bailey started Bailey Cosmetic to provide excellent and accessible cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is costly with large amounts of downtime, requiring clients to carve out weeks or months from their schedule. 

However, Dr. Bailey offers high-quality results without the invasiveness of surgery, meaning clients will spend less money and recover more quickly. Less invasive procedures also involve much lower risk levels. Bailey Cosmetic’s services will be cheaper and safer while offering excellent results.

Bailey Cosmetic will provide a higher quality service that gets the job done the first time. Clients have an alternative to plastic surgery with drastically reduced costs and downtime, and they will still see amazing results. Instead of the traditional highly invasive and risky cosmetic procedures, clients can see fantastic results with less risk and faster recovery. 

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